Wax Resin Ribbons

A wax-resin Thermal Transfer ribbon is made with a combination of wax and resin based ingredients.

Among all Thermal Transfer ribbon ranges, Wax-resin ribbons are the most versatile in terms of usages as they respond to a very wide array of label printing needs in the logistics, production or distribution sectors.

Wax-resin ribbons can print almost all types of label and packaging film substrates :

  • Paper labels: Vellum, Coated and Glossy coated
  • Synthetic labels: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester
  • Flexible packaging films

What are the typical use of wax-resin Thermal Transfer ribbons for barcode printers?

  • Storage
  • Signages and logos
  • Frozen food packaging
  • Laboratory
  • Hot food packaging
  • Tags
  • Flexible packaging
  • Outdoor products
  • Automotive
  • Medicine packaging
  • Distribution label
  • Fresh produce
  • Bag of parts
  • Bottle
  • Pallet
  • Shipping
  • Tyre

apr 1

APR®1 is the competitive wax-resin ribbon of the inkanto range. It offers an economical solution for price sensitive wax-resin applications where good performance and affordability are the key criteria in the product selection.

  • Competitiveness
  • Very good printing quality
  • Excellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivity
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apr 6

APR®6 is the standard wax/resin ribbon of the inkanto range: very versatile, it has been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels at the lowest heat settings. It also provides a higher level of mechanical resistance compared to the wax ribbons.

  • Very good printing quality
  • High speed printing capability
  • Excellent receptor multi-compatibility and sensitivity
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apr 400

APR®400 is the newest ARMOR wax/resin ribbon for Near Edge and Corner Edge printers. It is dedicated to print rough label materials like uncoated papers or tags, a challenge for TT ribbons.

APR®400 achieves a very good printing quality on these materials thanks to its superior coverage capacity. Its high sensitivity enablesthe highest printing speeds in labeling applications.

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apr 600

APR®600 is the worldwide reference of premium ribbons for Corner Edge and Near Edge printers. It is the standard ribbon in inkanto’s wax/resin range. Its performance (speed, sensitivity, versatility, blackness) provides a perfectly adapted answer a large majority of applications.

  • Excellent sensitivity and receptor multi-compatibility
  • Very good printing quality at high speed and sharpness of 90° barcodes
  • Very high resistance to smudge
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apx fh+

APX®FH+ is a high-end wax/resin ribbon providing a printing quality and mechanical resistances exceeding the market standards. It ensures an excellent quality of transfer at low energy on all smooth materials, coated papers as well as synthetics.

  • Very high resistance to smudge and scratch
  • Excellent sensitivity and receptor multi-compatibility
  • Very good printing quality at high speed
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The reference ribbon on the market, with outstanding performances: also available in blue red and green. This ribbon has a perfect matching with all food labelling process, for more specific applications like pharma industry labelling or for electronics. It gives an optimal resistance to most agressions and is able to be printed on a wide range of receiving materials in the market.

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An alternative to B110A-X2 with a good adaptability to all standard applications. It gives a good resistance to aggressions.

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Wax-resin ribbon, designed for all near edge printers on the market. It is perfectly adapted to standard labelling.

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